Empowering Modern Educators
Through Virtual Teaching Tools
We Provide the Tools You Need to Deploy,
Monetize & Analyze Educational Content.
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An Interactive Online Training Library
For Global Student Networks
Site-license Courseware from the NLE MarketPlace and/or
Upload and Distribute your own Custom Online Courses.
  • Stream HD Video & dynamic switching for varying internet speeds.
  • Provide students with 24/7 access to online courseware and quizzes.
  • Timecode-Based Notes, Favourites & Captions help students learn.
  • 1-Touch Publishing™ For Quick Content Creation & Deployment.
Confidently Deploy Assessments &
Evaluate Student Engagement
Backed by a powerful LMS & Analytics, our Assessments Engine
makes examinations more interactive, informative & engaging.
  • Multimedia questions allow video, audio, and text-based quizzing.
  • Supports both Open & Closed Book examinations with Time Limits.
  • Use Templates to quickly create & share quizzes & exams.
  • Re-use assessments from term to term - set up once, deploy forever.
Teach in Real Time & Live-Stream Classrooms
Teach to a global audience. Mix live cameras, screen recordings,
HD video & high-quality audio to create immersive education.
  • Poll & Quiz Students
  • Broadcast to 1 or 1000 simultaneously
  • Private Message
  • Group Chat
  • Archive for Rebroadcast
  • Log Attendance
Create Curricula & Learning Paths
To Guide & Evaluate Students
The NLE Platform’s Integrated Curriculum Builder creates
Self-Paced Curricula, with Quizzes & Completion Certificates.
  • Create tailored learning paths for students to follow.
  • Track student completions & analyze engagement.
  • Sell individual curriculums & monetize your training.
  • Reward students with signed completion certificates.
The NLE Virtual Classroom -
The Apex Of Online Education
The NLE Platform’s Virtual Classroom puts it all together,
From Live Lectures to Assessments & Analytics, It’s Here!
  • Enroll Students, Track Attendance & View Engagement.
  • Create & Deploy Curricula, Quizzes & Assessments.
  • Engage Students through Live Lectures & MasterClasses.
  • Set Your Price & Sell Classrooms To A Global Market.
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Near the turn of this century, we began pioneering online education. Our long history of innovation in education can be seem in these wholly-owned properties:
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