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Over A Decade Of Continuous Use & Development,
Stress-Tested & Certified To Educate Your Students.
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Easy Embed Code Installation
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Get started quickly with our easy to install embed code
Or wire the NLE Platform into your existing database.
API Integration
Cloud Based
Cloud-Based Deployment Architecture
Scales As You Grow & Add Students
Start Small, Grow Big. Our EDU Cloud means you can
Quickly Scale-Up for Fall & Scale Down For Summer.
Backed By Amazon Web Services
Access To The Power You Require
Quick Load Times & Robust Streaming Architecture.
CloudFront powered Edge Server Integration.
Amazon Powered
Modular to Core
Advanced Modular Architecture Lets You
Choose Only Features You Require
Add Lectures, Classrooms, Ecommerce, & More,
Use Only The Features Your Students Need To Learn.
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